About Me

Hi there! You can call me Matt. The first thing that I always say about myself when I meet a new person is that I’m a math teacher. Being a teacher defines the person that I am, and I always love to embrace the inner nerd that is requisite of being a teacher of mathematics. The second thing I’d say is that I like to ramble. This page is the result of the latter!

I’ve not always wanted to be a teacher, but I knew that I wanted to do something related to mathematics. My first year of schooling after graduating from Mattawan High School was spent studying Engineering at Michigan State University. While I did well, and I enjoyed the classes, I realized that Michigan State just wasn’t a good fit for me personally. I transferred to Grand Valley State University after that year and switched my major over to mathematics. Grand Valley does offer Engineering, but I understood that it was the math and physics that I actually enjoyed. Thus, I tacked on a minor in physics and happily looked into becoming a teacher.

I’ve always enjoyed helping others explore their knowledge, whether it be in a formal educational setting, or something a bit more laid back. In high school, I used to stay after school to help friends with their math homework, and it never occurred to me at the time that it was something I’d enjoy for the rest of my life.

At GVSU, I was active in their varsity lacrosse team for two years. I had a very successful high school lacrosse career and intended to continue that at the collegiate level. My first year on the team, we made a run at the MCLA Division II National Championship, but fell short in the championship game. The following year was less successful, but just as enjoyable. It was during this time that I wanted to start focusing my efforts more towards education, both for myself and with regard to preparations to teach. I didn’t return to the team for a third year, and instead started tutoring mathematics and physics courses through the university.

I'm pretty sure this was right after a game.

These tutoring experiences solidified my motivations for becoming a teacher. I absolutely loved them! That first semester, I took on 18 tutees, for one hour sessions per week. I taught in 6 subjects and very much enjoyed the challenge. I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t start tutoring sooner!

Once accepted into the College of Education, I entered two teaching placements. The first was a half-day field placement in an urban, area middle school. The second was a full-time student teaching placement in a rural, area high school. These vastly different teaching placements really helped to define for me the varying needs of learners at all levels.

Outside of school, my largest hobby is irrefutably my work done with a video game called LittleBigPlanet. What I do with this game is create my own content that I share with the extremely devoted online community. It’s something that I do as a creative outlet and it has allowed me to create some great friendships. As part of this hobby, I manage a small fansite devoted to the game and actively creat video tutorials that teach the wider community the nuances of using the level editor. I never stop teaching!

I am currently engaged to be married to a wonderful woman who is also a pre-service teacher. She teaches at the elementary level and serves as a great support system for me as I take steps to becoming a full-blown teacher. I really don’t know where I’d be without her.

So that’s a little bit about myself, verbose and all. If you’d like to know more, please contact me through the avenues presented to you by clicking the Contact button atop the page. Thanks!

They insisted on a picture for my last day.